Following the discussion started in the #winelover group on Facebook, I want to set the record straight on where #ewbcoff comes from.

Yesterday evening I had a meeting in the Vinogusto office with a few Belgian #winelovers I first met on Twitter and later met in person during winefairs and great events such as Vinocamps or European Wine Bloggers Conference ( hashtag #ewbc on Twitter). We were holding a brainstorming session about the « Wine Business Innovation Summit » we want to hold in Brussels this year but that’s another story….

So last night I saw a tweet from my friend Caroline Henry saying she hadn’t yet registered for EWBC in Izmir as she’s just started working freelance and isn’t sure she can afford it. I personally haven’t registered yet because my time is spent running the Vinogusto start-up which makes it’s kind of difficult to plan things in the long-term (especially when you have a family life too). Then suddenly, a funny concept came to mind : if we don’t manage to register in time for EWBC we could still join the group in Izmir to make sure we see all of our friends again – at least before or after the official EWBC. With this idea in mind, I tweeted about a #ewbcoff. This was mainly inspired by an invitation I got recently for a so called “off” event which is happening during Les Grands Jours de Bourgogne starting on the 18th of March… hence, it was nothing other than an off-the-cuff « Belgian » idea which I didn’t think anyone would pay any attention to.

But a few tweets later, I realised that this funny concept had been grasped by a few Twitter friends wishing to visit the Georgian wine regions and the idea of a “post post EWBC trip” had been launched. I’d never thought of visiting Georgia myself but I started reading about it last night and I have to say it looks really great and makes me hope I’ll have the chance to visit it sooner or later.

So, let’s say it went like this : my Belgian sense of humor generated the #ewbcoff hashtag on twitter and this gave the chance to some friends to express their interest in a trip to the Georgian wine regions. If the wine-makers of Georgia were wondering if any #winelovers would be interested in discovering their product, well, the answer is obviously YES. And that’s that – nothing else should be seen into this little buzz ;-)

So, just to put the record straight, there is no such thing as an #ewbcoff organization, a revolution or anything which goes against what EWBC are aiming at. It’s just a few passionate #winelovers using social media to share their ideas and dreams hoping they can go on sharing great wines and building friendship online & offline…

PS : I wanna thank Luiz (thewinehub) and Caroline (missinwine) for making me a president, and I really hope we are going to have the chance to learn more about the wines of Georgia very soon 😉