Your Job is to Sell Wine, Deal With It!

Your Job is to Sell Wine, Deal With It!” is the title of the session I’m involved in during the next Digital Wine Communication Conference.

In the wine industry, one meets more people driven by passion and calling than in any other business. Wine communicators – and other actors of the wine industry – tend to neglect their implication in wine sales. Though, the final consumer is the one financing the whole wine industy.

I believe every wine communicator is involved in selling wine and keeping that in mind would avoid huge waste of money invested in useless wine communication funded by wine regions and wineries. You don’t like this idea? Well, let’s talk about it!

Hope to see you Saturday the 26 of october at 10:30 am in the room Garnacha where I’ll be glad to share the mike with Robert Joseph, Damien Wilson and Robert Macintosh.


My presentation is below and you can find more info about the conference :

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