#WBIS session hosted at the next Digital Wine Communication Conference

The session called “I have a wine project” will be held on November the 1st during the next DWCC in Montreux. The session is meant for participants to promote new business ideas and innovations, and to seek support from the wider community. If you have a project, at any stage of development, or you think you might want to get involved in one, this will be a great way to push this forward.

The goal of the session animated by Faye Cardwell and mysefl is to encourage participants with a wine-related project at whatever development stage to meet potential partners in order to make things happen better & faster.

Participants at DWCC are encouraged to sign up to the session by putting themselves in one of the following 2 scenarios :
- I have this great idea or wine project,
- I’m a wine related service provider looking for new projects I could work on.
Depending on which scenario you are in, your badge will have a given colour helping others to understand what you’re looking for (no, it’s not a dating thing…).

Participants are encouraged introduce themselves with a 1 sentence presentation:

“My idea/project is to develop [a defined offering] to help [a target audience] [solve a problem] [with a secret source].”


“My service is [a defined service] to help [solve a problem] [with a secret source].”

I believe this can lead to a very effective networking session and I bet will set up winning teams for the next big wine businesses!